[TIP] Generating tests, II (was: Re: Meta-test methods...)

Douglas Philips dgou at mac.com
Fri Apr 24 12:52:55 PDT 2009

> If the py.test/nose dudes had used new naming convention, would you
> really have balked at it? Would you have thought it complicated or un-
> usable? Would you have thought "Oh, that makes sense, this is a
> different part of the testing eco-system" of course it needs a
> different name?
> Is there an objection here other than that you've become familiar with
> one particular way of doing things?

Since I've recently had some intended to be friendly teasing email  
interpreted in a way that I never intended, when I re-read this I  
thought maybe the questions might be interpreted as something other  
than focus'd curiosity. Focus'd curiosity is my only intent here!

-Doug the paranoid today.

P.S. Yes, this is an itch I need to scratch as soon as I get back from  
vacation next week, so I am very interested in this facility  
discussion. :)

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