[TIP] Result protocol / problems being solved (really)

Victoria G. Laidler laidler at stsci.edu
Tue Apr 14 08:44:50 PDT 2009

Jesse Noller wrote:
> Yup:
> 8> This should not require a custom wire format, or parser. It should
> use something in widespread use (e.g. XML, JSON), it should have
> cross-language support and be human readable.
I thought about this, but I was trying to separate issues pertaining to 
the result protocol itself (what data it contains, what is the 
underlyling data model) from issues pertaining to the wire format and 

It doesn't make sense to focus on the format before we understand the 
requirements for the data itself. I do agree that language-agnosticism 
probably implies a standard format, and human-readability is a 
requirement for me.
> Other than that, the basic outline is correct. Let me also point out
> that there is a use case for some people involved that involves
> parsing results directly from a stream, such as stdout. This means
> they need the ability to parse the result messages from the stream.
I'd like to understand that use case better. Can you give an example?


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