[TIP] Result protocol

Douglas Philips dgou at mac.com
Sat Apr 11 20:36:03 PDT 2009

On or about 2009 Apr 11, at 11:19 PM, Jesse Noller indited:
> Yeah, you missed the part where I corrected your assumption I was
> talking about B. I don't want binary blobs IN the reports. I also
> don't want a custom parser. Ergo, something human readable ala

Well, Pandokia showed some concrete examples I found pretty compelling  
for simplicity.
Do you have something in json we can do a bake-off, so to speak, with?

> Flat text/custom parsing sucks. That's my steak on the ground.

And bacon. Don't forget the bacon! :)

The Pandokia format is very close to .ini style. Hypothetical query:  
if it were .ini, would that make any difference (it wouldn't be custom  
any more, n'est-ces pas?)

> I will consume it, and be thankful for it, but I won't use it in my
> projects. BSD/MIT/Apache. *shrug* my requirements need not apply to
> others.

If we all want to interoperate, and the protocol is covered by GPL?

> I've already been down the route of custom parsing from a magic syntax
> I cooked up which I thought would be simple enough to do "everything"
> - and I consider it like I do writing custom "test languages" and
> DSLs: not worth the headache.

We are indeed talking about a custom DSL, whether it is written with  
YAML/JSON/INI/<ad nauseum> since the syntax doesn't say what anything  
means. A bit of a red-herring here.

Maybe we should work out what this DSL "talks about" independent of  
the serialization, and consider the serialization/formatting  
separately? Or should we hash out first if it is going to be Latin-1  
or UTF-8 or ??


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