[TIP] Result protocol (was: Nosejobs!)

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 16:13:57 PDT 2009

> A couple of points I think are important:
>  * subunit is *not* a unit test framework. It is a 'Result protocol'.
>    It is what you are designing. I assume you haven't looked at it at
>    all or you wouldn't have classified it as a test framework. It may
>    not be the best, or other folk may build it differently - thats
>    fine, at a certain point this is bikeshedding. Anyhow, its
>    multilanguage (C/C++/python/shell at this time of writing), simple
>    (human readable).
>    https://launchpad.net/subunit

FWIW, I think I was looking at the wrong subunit - I'll take a look at
this (well, the updated docs you sent michael).

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