[TIP] Nosejobs!

Douglas Philips dgou at mac.com
Fri Apr 10 19:00:22 PDT 2009

On 2009 Apr 10, at 3:38 PM, Jesse Noller wrote:
> You can support multiple methods of managing and provisioning slaves.


> JSON is in python2.6

Still using 2.4.4 - corp world doesn't upgrade unless there is  
sufficient reward to overcome the pain. Maybe in aggregate a new test  
reporting backend processing system will be the straw that breaks the  
status-quo-camels back...

> Also, I've already built things using "simple" formats - plain
> INI-style formats, etc. I found they didn't scale and were not
> extensible enough for me long term.

Looking at json, it seems rather rigid in a distributed environment  
where tests could go away half way through, so the json could be  
interrupted at all kinds of 'inconvenient' places.

> What? No, SSH. SSL != SSH.

bad memory, never mind.

>> Quite so. What you are talking about is remote job management.
>> That the jobs "happen to be tests" is irrelevant.
> Yup. I have some reasoning to my madness.

Separate pieces is good. Not sure how this properly falls into TIP  
except as a dependency. :)

>> Pandokia's spec seems awful simple.
>> Personally, I'm rather fond of Titus' initial proposal: Work out  
>> the results level protocol, then build
>> tools around that. Yes, you might want to build tools to help work  
>> that out, but if you've done lots
>> of these systems before, as have some of the rest of us, we should  
>> be able to leverage that
>> knowledge...
> My intention is to start small, build out big, but keeping the end in
> mind. Nothing you do now should prevent you from expanding/making it
> better in the future.

Seriously, how to keep protocol simple, flexible (YAML/json feel  
fragile), and extensible.
Pick two?

> Mercurial up in this piece, son!



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