[TIP] Nosejobs!

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Fri Apr 10 12:28:49 PDT 2009

Doug Philips wrote:
>>> I'm really looking forward to seeing what pony-build might be, so I hope Titus gets around to spec'ing his version of simple build pony stuff soon. :)
>> Meh, Titus' idea is simple enough that a spec might just muddy it up
>> ;)
> Maybe, but if it is too hard to describe, it is too hard to get right.
> The product is the spec? Hmmm, CPython vs. Jython vs. IronPython vs. PyPy - need to go that route? Again?
> Pandokia's spec seems awful simple.
> Personally, I'm rather fond of Titus' initial proposal: Work out the results level protocol, then build tools around that. Yes, you might want to build tools to help work that out, but if you've done lots of these systems before, as have some of the rest of us, we should be able to leverage that knowledge...

Once you have a results protocol different people can then build 
different tools around it - reporting tools, distributed test tools etc. 
Sounds like a winner to me. Not looked at the Pandokia spec yet.



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