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Fri Apr 10 06:00:50 PDT 2009

Dear PSF Members
     I have a idea for python development,Please comment on this in all cases if your
 comment is postive or negative.

   I am thinking for providing some bash commandline properties to python
 commandline.By doing this, It will enhance the fast programming without syntax errors 
and work will become easy to do programming with commandline.This will also help in 
learning python more easily.This will help in easy programming by checking its code 
syntax for each line.I mean if program line success, then programmer can make this entry 
to a python file otherwise try to modify his wrong program line.I am trying to write some of 
the bash features that may help the python commandline,please tell me if you want to add 
more or want to remove the given one.

1)save the successful program-line into file
2)auto-completetion from the histrory 
3)arrow-keys used to insert within the programline

  This all should be done by wrapping python interpreter or by a demon, so nothing will be modifed inside the python code. 
  please give the feedback and tell me the idea is good or bad, if it is good then tell me 
more features thet you want to see in the python commandline.
Vikas Garg

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