[TIP] RFC: Add TestResult.done()

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Apr 8 09:02:16 PDT 2009

Robert Collins wrote:
> JML's testtools has a TestResult subclass with a done() method. The
> reason for this method is to allow doing things after the last test has
> run. While a result can infer 'first test' it can't infer 'last test'
> without ugliness like __del__.
> Some uses for this are:
>  - reporting summary data
>  - closing external resources like log files, sockets to remote machines
> etc
>  - <your idea here>

Sounds like a straightforward and useful feature request to me. Can you 
open an item on the Python bug tracker and either assign to me or add me 
as nosy (michael.foord).



> This can be added quite safely I think - check for the attribute, and if
> present call it.
> done() could be spelt differently - I don't think anyone would care.
> testsFinished()
> finished()
> etc.
> I was prompted to send this mail, as I just needed to run some code in a
> TestResult after all the tests in a different project, and remembered
> its not part of the stdlib yet :)
> -Rob
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