[TIP] Fixtures

David Christian david.christian at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 08:08:02 PDT 2009

Does anyone know of a fixture library that makes it easy to dump
database(s) and files and restore them, based on an assigned name?

I'd like to be able to say, here are my (postgres|mysql|sqlite)
databases for this test and the files I care about are under this
directory.  Please store them and give them this name.

Later in the same testsuite run or between testsuite runs I'd like to
be able to restore them to that state.

I've seen "fixture" but on initial viewing it looks like it would
require me to change my current process quite a bit, where it seems
like I should be able to just say "record the current state" w/o
having to massage the data into another format...

Anyone have a tool they like for this?


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