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Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Apr 6 19:57:59 PDT 2009

Douglas Philips wrote:
> On or about 2009 Apr 6, at 6:26 PM, John Arbash Meinel indited:
>> Auto-discovery will have similar problems. If you fail to import, do  
>> you
>> raise an error, or do you just skip that file? (Skipping things  
>> silently
>> can easily lead to tests that don't run when you expected them to.)
> I want the regression run to stop if there are any errors.
> I don't mind if the loader continues past the first one so that it can  
> report as many import errors in one run as possible, but I absolutely  
> want that to abort the regression run. We have a custom loader that  
> used to be forgiving, but the fact is once you have more than a  
> hundred tests, you don't see the warning for all the other output.  
> Printing out a summary of the load errors and aborting the regression  
> run will get everyone's attention.

I agree.


> One could argue that missing tests due to import errors are just  
> missing tests and as such should be caught by the post-regression down- 
> stream results processors, but I would much prefer to have the option  
> to abort running any tests (for various reasons including being able  
> to detect test code problems as early as possible).
> -Doug
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