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On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 07:30:50PM +0530, garg vikas wrote:
-> The aim of this project is to make testing easier, more efficient and
-> more useful for core Python development. This can be achieved by:
-> 1) Creating a bridge between the core Python Testing Infrastructure
-> and the nose framework[1], which provides many desirable features,
-> including simple test writing and running, tag-based test filtering,
-> code coverage reports and extensibility with plug-ins.
-> 2) Providing a smart GUI for nose, to make running the tests easier.

Hey Garg (or is it Vikas?),

wow, the GUI stuff is quite the right angle turn for your application!

-> 1) Python is improving each day by providing more features and
-> facilities to python programmers, but core
->  Python developers don't
-> have a full-featured testing infrastructure.

I think I would characterize this as "Core python developers have an
ad-hoc testing infrastructure" -- it's got a lot of features, but
they've been sort of piled on top of each other.

So, making it possible to discover and run the tests with nose and/or
py.test would mean that you could use an ever-increasing collection of
test wrappers and reporting plugins for core development.

-> ... Since tests will be more relevant
-> due to finer-grained control (e.g tag-based execution),?? it will also
-> help in reducing running time of tests and avoiding accidental
-> disabling of tests.

Are you proposing to change the core python tests here?  That's quite a
different proposal from writing a plugin.

-> 2) GUIs ease the use of applications, specially for new users who
-> don't know the application well. Those who are new to testing or to
-> nose could be more successful using a graphical interface than the
-> command line interface. This project will provide a smart GUI for
-> nose, with a execution window to run various tests with different
-> options, an editor to help writing tests and plug-ins, and the ability
-> to configure nose based on information like which plug-ins are
-> available. It can change their value. It will also
->  help to use
-> plug-ins, like tagging of tests using GUI, in case of tag plug-in. We
-> can also enable the logger to view and work with logs in the GUI.

We have plenty of programming editors.  I'm pretty sure we don't need
another one!  Some of the other features are interesting in concept but
I'm worried that they spread the focus of your application too much.
You should choose one or the other IMO.

C. Titus Brown, ctb at msu.edu

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