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garg vikas vikas_it_pec at yahoo.co.in
Sun Apr 5 12:20:03 PDT 2009


      I am vikas garg a fan of python language from
India.Actually,I come in contact with python language just two month
ago when a project was given to me to do in python. Then I found that
it was the easiest language to learn and you could do very good stuff
in very less time .Earlier i was used to program in c,c++.I was a fan
of c before python.

     I want to be a part of python community
as I like programming and this is a open source where person learns at
a great pace and i wanna to learn.So please tell me how can i do that ?

    I also submitted an
application for Gsoc which was very rough as I was new. Now,I am comfortable
with this community as peoples are very helpful there. I am revising my
application.I will send this to you when it will get fully revised.

     I made a small increment in the regrtest.py by providing it a one
more option which used to  collect all the available tests in the test
suit into a file.So that tester can easily edit it and run the desired
tests.I am sending that small patch also.


Vikas garg

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