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There have been tentatives to create nose plugins which test results in a
simple fortma, one of them being NoseXunit; which generates JUnit-compatible
format for test results.
On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 5:40 PM, Douglas Philips <dgou at mac.com> wrote:

> On or about 2009 Apr 5, at 10:38 AM, Michael Foord indited:
> > We use a custom TestResult with unittest to push results into a
> > database whilst the tests are still running. Once the results are in
> > a database building custom reporting tools is much easier.
> Understood. From the discussions at pycon there seemed to be interest
> in having a common results format across many testing tools so that
> "we" could build up a suite/eco-system of result processing tools that
> would be decoupled from the particular tool(s) being used to generate
> the results.
> I've thought about using a database in the manner you suggest, but I
> have to admit some concern over the coupling there too. Not just in
> terms of "SQL" noise (to be fast and loose with terminology), but also
> in the potential fragility of what would happen to my test runner if
> the reporting mechanism were to hang or break.
> Our current test log output format was designed to be easily flat-file-
> processable after the fact. Reality is that we haven't (yet) written
> any of those tools. My instinct for simplicity says that I want to
> keep the regression test runner simple, and be able to plug it in to
> any number of back ends. One of things that I don't like about
> unittest is that (at least in 2.4.4), there is a lot of intertangled
> hair between the components, the text test runner does too much. (I've
> heard rumors that there is unittest work on the cusp of being
> released, but I don't (yet) know what the result of that work is.)
> My impulse is to see if there is leverage with having a simple (TAP-
> like?) output format which can then be plugged into test result
> processing pipelines. One of those pipelines could start with
> injecting the results into a database, but I'm leary of having that be
> part and parcel of the test running infrastructure itself.
> -Doug
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