[TIP] test definitions

C. Titus Brown ctb at msu.edu
Wed Sep 17 12:42:06 PDT 2008

-> Acceptance Test: These normally comprise a large number of your tests
-> in an organization. Acceptance tests prove that the specific
-> component/feature is sane in the context of the fully deployed product
-> - you might require these to be fully developed, executed and passing
-> before a specific component or feature is merged to trunk. Acceptance
-> tests prove that the feature/component works as intended (not
-> programmed). They should be short in execution time.

Interesting -- I've not hear this definition before, in agile
terminology at least.  I've heard "integration testing" used for this,
though, as in "continuous integration"...

-> Functional Tests: Functional tests are "larger" and should test as
-> much of the functionality of the feature/component as possible, they
-> should also test with an eye towards other parts of the product and
-> system (e.g. integration). Functional tests should be as expansive and
-> detailed as possible. These can also be called Regression tests.



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