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Mon Nov 3 07:19:05 PST 2008

Hello Python Testers,
     A while back I sent an announcement regarding this two day 
(weekend) seminar hosted at MIT this upcoming weekend.  As agile 
testers, we're participating on agile teams across all roles.  We care 
both about the safety net of TDD as well as limiting change risk in 
applications through a thought-out architecture.  This weekend will be 
an opportunity to learn more about both sides of this debate as well as 
to nail down these quys' opinions more on the testing side of the 
equation.  It's also an opportunity to discuss the same with your peers. 
I hope some of you will be able to make it to Cambridge, MA this 
weekend.  Please use the discount code mentioned in the annoucment below 
for an additional $50 savings.

best regards,
Bob Clancy


            ***** Deep Agile 2008, Boston *****

               “Not as Easy as You Thought”

A 2-Day Intensive Conversation With James Coplien and Bob Martin

   ---- Don't wait! Final Registration rate ends Nov 8! ----

   ---- Bonus! All attendees receive Cope's new book autographed ----

The sparks will fly when two passionate professionals - Jim Coplien and 
Bob Martin - square off to make the world safe for software development. 
In the corner of architecture, patterns and agile is Jim Coplien. 
Driving the necessity of test based design is "Uncle Bob" Martin.

Each will use their long track records, numerous case studies, and 
success stories to argue that they have the answers you need to deliver 
successful projects and products. The difference here is that we are 
presenting both sides of the story, and working with Jim and Bob to show 
how both approaches meet in the arena of professional software 

Come prepared to be surprised and have your assumptions questioned! Our 
goal is to get well beyond the buzzwords and introductory agile ideas, 
and to get you thinking.

What: Deep Agile 2008: Not as Easy as you Thought!
When: November 8-9, 2008, 9:00am to 5:00pm
(Registration opens at 8:30am)
Where: MIT, Cambridge, MA - Room E51-345
Hosted by Jay Conne

Only $695. That's good right till the event starts. Don’t put off 
registering! We’ll make it even easier – when you register, enter the 
discount code of DA20087RWU3 for a further $50 off. You’ll pay only 

Spaces are limited to 90 in this MIT seminar room and they're going 
fast. So register now! Go to http://agilebazaar.org/

Book offer: Attendees will receive James Coplien's new, 
not-yet-published book, "Practical Agile Production: Agile's Lost 
Practices", and can get it autographed at Deep Agile 2008.

                Sessions Offered:

* What Makes Agile Hard to deliver?
        Don’t repeat others’ mistakes – find out how the
        experts handle the recurrent problems that plague
        Agile initiatives.

* Agile and Architecture: How Much is enough?
        Can good design emerge from TDD or should you use
        patterns to create an architecture up-front?

* Agile and Patterns
        As co-founder of the software patterns community,
        James Coplien has some strong opinions on where
        Agilistas are going wrong.

* TDD – Essential Discipline or Harmful Fad?
        Can Test Driven Development create bad habits, or
        poor design? You can’t find two more knowledgeable
        gurus to debate it than Bob and Jim!

* Evening Pub Session: Patterns on Steroids
        Gaze into the depths from whence emerged the patterns
        concepts – where else but at a pub, over beers, with
        James Coplien!

* Lean vs. Agile
        How does a philosophy born in manufacturing guide
        software architecture? Or should it? Find out where it
        matches or misses.

* Agile and Professionalism
        Good software architecture is at the core of too many
        essential services and products for us *not* to consider
        this a profession. But what does that entail?

* Panel Discussion/Open Discussion
        Your chance to join in the discussion of the two days’
        content with the speakers and panelists. Test out your
        new insights!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Sponsored by:  * * * * * * * * * * * * *
            AccuRev, Version One, Rally, Cyrus Innovation,
                       Addison Wesley/Prentice Hall

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Registration and More Details at http://agilebazaar.org/

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