[TIP] Need help with IsolationPlugin and nose 0.10 API

Brandon Corfman bcorfman at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 31 10:14:47 PDT 2008

Hi everyone --

I'm using the nose 0.10 API to drive some unit tests, and I'm using
the IsolationPlugin so my test modules get reloaded each time
I call nose.run(). So far, all of my unit tests are contained in one
using classes that derive from unittest.TestCase, but I have one simple
test in the same module that is just a function, e.g.

def testSimple():
     assert(1 == 1)
    # I change this to 'assert(1 == 0)' after the first run to test the

All my TestCase-derived classes get reloaded each time I use nose.run()
with the '--with-isolation' argument, but I can see that the simple
function like the one above doesn't get reloaded and gives stale
information after the first run. How can I correct this?


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