[TIP] Fwd: Robot Framework 2.0 is available!

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Wed Jun 25 00:51:26 PDT 2008

The usual rational for not using a language for acceptance testing
is that your acceptance testing is to be done by managers and other
people who are expected to turn bright purple and explode before
they would ever write one line of python code.

Something I am very curious about in this context is Resolver
http://www.resolversystems.com/ (Hi Michael!)  Through it a great
number of people in the 'spreadsheet only' world are going to be
directly exposed to Python, in such a way that some of them, surely,
must just pick it up.  I am very curious as to how often that happens,
and what happens when it does.  I'd like to get them all t-shirts.
'I learned to program in Python and it didn't make me turn purple
and explode' or something. :-)

If Resolver Systems ever cared to, I think they could build a really
neat tool for acceptance testing out of what they already have.


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