[TIP] Alternative to PyFIT

Stefano Masini stefano.masini at pragma2000.com
Thu Jun 19 08:58:57 PDT 2008

Hi everybody,

yesterday I've been told about a tool that today I can't find. Maybe I
didn't understand the name correctly.

It sounds like "Robot", maybe "Pseudo Robot", at least this were the
two _sounds_ I thought I heard.

It's supposed to be an acceptance testing tool written in Python, that
was just recently released as open source.
The concept is the same as FIT, except that it should be more powerful
due to the ability to define some sort of custom "operators" in the
form of tables. These operators can then be reused on other tables as
well, so as to implement the concept of a table inside a table.

This is as little as I could understand. Just enough to trigger my
curiosity, and the frustration of not finding anything that looks like
this on google.

I'm sure some of the guys on the list will be more informed than I am.


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