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Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Thu Jul 24 16:23:00 PDT 2008

Bob Clancy wrote:
>          1)  You didn't add load testing to your wiki page
> mentioned below (even though *you* mentioned it on this list.

Which reminds me, most of the tools check for correctness but
few also seem to include checks for run time differences.

Here's a simple case.  One of my clients was using CGI
scripts for their internal web applications.  Because of
all the import statements, startup time was a couple of
seconds.  Most of the imports weren't needed for every CGI
call, so I deferred imports, and got the time to sub-second.

Over time people added import statements, and the startup
time increased.  Slowly enough that people didn't notice.

We are using TextTest, which support checking runtime for
each test and reporting large discrepancies (too fast or
to slow by some threshold).  We just weren't using it
against the web server pages.

It's really nice when doing optimization work to get the
red warning notice "450% faster."

What other tools support this?


				dalke at dalkescientific.com

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