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> -> Is that the royal we, or will others be writing this
> with you?
> Grig Gheorghiu.

Hey everybody,

Sorry for jumping in late on this thread, I've been very busy launching a customer web site, which melted under traffic. No, I don't think they did any load testing. Lesson learned? You'll have to read our column for that :-) Seriously, load/stress/performance testing will be a topic at some point.

Great ideas so far, I put them on a Wiki page somewhere so we don't lose track of them:


The 'moctep' project (mock testing in python) is a small project I started a while ago with the intention of giving concrete examples of using mocking. There's a lot of talk about it, and a lot of tools available, but in my experience people don't really know how to use them in practice. So I was thinking that for my first column I'll write about how to use Python mock testing tools in practice, with some small but hopefully interesting examples.

I think the way it will work is Titus and I will alternate writing the column. Titus's first installment will appear in the November issue, mine in December, etc.

Please continue to post ideas to this thread!



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