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Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Thu Jan 31 11:37:20 PST 2008

In a message of Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:29:26 EST, Benji York writes:
>Titus Brown wrote:
>> while I appreciate the educational response ;), there is no way for
>> mailer software to know whether or not you are a member of the list.
>> Thus it cannot eliminate your address from the response.  mutt, my
>> mailer software, which is generally standards compliant, does indeed
>> insist on adding your name on a 'group-reply' for this reason.  It come
>> in handy when non-subscribers post questions...
>This is why Mailman has the per-user configuration to eliminate duplicate
>I think Ben doesn't want that though, he's not using mail to interact 
>with the list.  In that case, I can't think of a good solution for him. 
>  It is a "mailing list" after all. ;)
>Benji York

I can, assuming he is using a machine that will run procmail.

Just have it capture all mail messages that come to his email from
this list and throw them away so he never sees them.

Laura Creighton

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