[TIP] Asserting behaviour of exception tracebacks

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at benfinney.id.au
Thu Jan 31 05:27:13 PST 2008

Michael Foord <fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > [Please don't send me copies of messages posted to the list. I
> > participate here via a non-mail interface, and it's annoying to
> > get the messages appearing duplicated in email.]
> This list is setup so that in most mail clients it requires a
> 'reply-all' to keep the reply on the list. I've manually removed
> your address this time but make no promises about the future.

Instead of "reply all", the only address you need to reply to is the
list address. Your email client has all the information it needs to do
this for you: the header of every message from the list has a standard
'List-Post' <URL:http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2369.txt> field.

If your email client isn't handling internet standards published
almost ten years ago, you might want to have a word with the vendor of
that software and ask them to fix that.

> Well - if you find a *use-case* for the traceback object - then you
> can test against that use case.

This is the right way to think about the problem, thanks. I'll have to
consider exactly what it is I want to assert about the behaviour, in
terms of how the code is used.

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