[TIP] [py-dev] towards 1.0 / code URLS using py.test?

Guido Wesdorp johnny at johnnydebris.net
Sun Jan 27 01:48:18 PST 2008

holger krekel wrote:
> IOW, my sabbatical time which i took after the heavy last EU 
> period of PyPy developments mid last year ... is over and i am slowly 
> getting back into gear.  
Welcome back!

> For starters, it'd be great if you mail me URLs of 
> code or projects using py.test and/or point to custom 
> conftest.py's (py.test's extension mechanism).  
I wrote a couple of conftests, one which executes unittest.py's TestCase 
instances, and one which runs JavaScript tests using Spidermonkey (the 
latter as part of a set of JS libs to handle common issues in JS and 

http://johnnydebris.net/svn/projects/py_unittest/ - unittest integration

http://johnnydebris.net/svn/projects/jsbase/ - the base lib with 
conftest (and some implementations of assert* functions)

Also, I'd like to join development a bit early februari (is a release 
date set already?), I'll make sure to be on #pylib around that time...



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