[TIP] towards 1.0 / code URLS using py.test?

holger krekel holger at merlinux.de
Sat Jan 26 04:39:08 PST 2008

Hey everybody, 

as some of you already know i'd like to get a py lib/py.test 1.0 out 
in February.  IOW, my sabbatical time which i took after the heavy last EU 
period of PyPy developments mid last year ... is over and i am slowly 
getting back into gear.  

Yesterday, i merged Maciej Fijalkowski's branch into py/trunk which 
unified objects used for distributed and in-process testing.  
I am going to refine the architecture further.  I generally try to 
keep track here: http://codespeak.net/svn/py/trunk/py/doc/TODO.txt 

How could you help with 1.0?  

For starters, it'd be great if you mail me URLs of 
code or projects using py.test and/or point to custom 
conftest.py's (py.test's extension mechanism).  

Feel free to also mail me your favourite annoyance or feature
wish along ... or point to ones from other tools.  This all
increases chances that 1.0 will work to your expectations :) 

I could use contributions or help (or sometimes just hints) in 
the following particular areas: 

- integrating py.test with Twisted 
- packaging for debian, setuptools
- unix/windows cross-platform communication and process

Please feel free to join the #pylib channel on freenode where you 
see commits to the code base and have me and a few other contributors 
hanging out ...  i am happy to discuss and answer questions there! 

I am also particularly interested in collaboration with 
other testing tool authors - let's work on improving everyone's 
testing experiences and on world wide code quality! :) 

best & cheers, 


py.test: http://pytest.org 
py lib: http://pylib.org 
PyPy: http://codespeak.net/pypy 
merlinux GmbH: http://merlinux.de  

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