[TIP] RELEASE: figleaf 0.6.1

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Thu Jan 10 02:28:00 PST 2008

ANNOUNCING figleaf v0.6.1.

figleaf is a code coverage package for Python.  It supports simple
and configurable recording of code coverage, as well as more complex
'section'-based recording.  It's designed for programmers who want
to integrate code coverage with their tests across a large code base
in a dynamic way.

This is the second package release of figleaf.

Note that figleaf *requires* setuptools to be installed, although it
should be usable without it.

You can install figleaf with easy_install, or download this release at


Documentation is included in the .tar.gz, and you can read the latest
docs online at


figleaf is available under the MIT license.  It is Copyright (C) 2006,
2007, 2008 C. Titus Brown.

I would especially like to thank Andrew Dalke for his contributions to this



Important changes:

 - introduced moderately thorough unit & functional testing so that I
   don't release another crappy version.

 - added regression tests.

 - updated to work mostly properly with Python 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.

 - added a 'annotate all of these files, and no other' option to figleaf2html.

 - fixed a variety of small-to-medium bugs and annoyances.

 - figleaf_sections plugin for nose moved into this package from pinocchio.

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