[TIP] What strategies to you use to factor seleniums tests to avoid duplications of the same or similar test steps?

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Wed Feb 13 18:24:09 PST 2008

-- Bob Clancy <bob.clancy at verizon.net> wrote:

>     I'm coming up to speed on Selenium becase I think it may be
> useful in
> upcoming jobs.  Two interesting areas of reading so far have been:
>     http://www.slideshare.net/dampy/selenium-204802
>     http://safari.oreilly.com/9780596527808
> The second of these is an OReilly "ShortCut" book (about 60 pages)
> that gets
> you started with the basics on testing with twill and Selenium.  The
> first
> link above is a slide-show that offers some deeper insights about
> where 's
> strengths and weaknesses are.  After following along with the OReilly
> exercises, and rereading the slide-show, it doesn't look like it will
> be
> easy to avoid "duplicated test logic" in Selenium. This makes me want
> to use
> another framework where I can structure action words to do higher
> level
> actions needed in testing.  I want something like the way that
> Mercury
> QuickTest Pro allows you to call other actions from within an
> existing
> action.  I've used that approach in QTP and it worked well for me.


The 2nd book in the O'Reilly Shortcut series is supposed to cover
Selenium RC among other things (<http://selenium-rc.openqa.org/>). Sel
RC drives the Selenium engine within the browser via client code that
can be written in your favorite language (of course everybody on this
list prefers Python :-).

At that point, you can use a real unit test framework such as nose or
py.test to drive your test suites.


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