[TIP] Pythoscope 0.2 is out

Michał Kwiatkowski constant.beta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 12:06:51 PDT 2008


I'm proud to present you with a first version of Pythoscope, your
favorite unit test generator. To install it, simply do:

  $ easy_install  pythoscope

You can also download a source package from here:


You can use the tool through a single "pythoscope" command. To analyze
one of your projects, type:

  $ pythoscope  collect  path/to/your/project/

It's only doing static analysis, and doesn't import your modules or
execute your code in any way, so you're perfectly safe to run it on
anything you want. After that, a file named ".pythoscope" will be
created in the current directory. To generate test stubs based on your
project, select files you want to generate tests for:

  $ pythoscope  generate  path/to/your/project/specific/file.py

Test files will be saved into "pythoscope-tests" directory. Test cases
are aggregated into TestCase classes. Currently each production class
and each production function gets its own TestCase class. Any comments
on any alternative arrangement are welcome.

Some of the classes and functions are ignored by the generator - all
which name begins with an underscore, exception classes, and some
others. This behavior is currently hard-coded, so let me know if you
have any ideas about how to make it configurable.

Generator itself is configurable to some extent, see:

  $ pythoscope  generate  --help

for more information on available options. Oh, and BTW, the bug tracker is here:


in case you need it. ;-)


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