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Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Wed Aug 20 06:32:13 PDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 06:18:55PM -0700, Matt Good wrote:
> On Aug 19, 2008, at 9:22 AM, Sylvain Thénault wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 09:10:52AM -0700, Paul Hildebrandt wrote:
>>> Michal, Titus and I were talking about how nice it would be to use  
>>> some
>>> of logilab's libraries in pythoscope.  We were a little concerned  
>>> about
>>> the licensing.  We were thinking of going MIT with pythoscope and the
>>> logilab stuff is GPL.  I am no licensing expert, do you know if we  
>>> can
>>> we maintain an MIT license and use your GPL libraries?
>> If (L)GPL is a problem, we'll see if we can do something such as dual
>> licensing.
> I'd recommend just picking the most liberal license you're comfortable  
> with.  The uses permitted by an MIT license are a superset of the uses  
> permitted by the [L]GPL, so offering it under both has no advantage over 
> just offering it under the MIT license.
> If astng is released under the LGPL rather than GPL it's fine to import 
> and use it from pythonscope.  Although, if you would like to have a 
> chance of getting it back into the Python stdlib in some 3.x release 
> you'd need to use a license like MIT or BSD.

LGPL would probably be the best choice for us since we're not pushing to
get it in the std lib (for the moment at least) and we're reluctant to
provide our free software using a too permissive license.

> There's also Armin's high-level wrapper to the _ast module released  
> under the Python License:
> http://lucumr.pocoo.org/cogitations/2008/03/30/high-level-ast-module-for-python/
> It doesn't have a fall-back to the compiler module yet, but I'm sure  
> that could be added if you need an alternative AST API.

I've took a quick look at this module and it only provides a few
(useful) functions but doesn't really provides what astng provides.
Though it should be easy to have those functions working with astng if

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