[TIP] A rare philosophical thought

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Mon Aug 4 11:53:02 PDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 5:41 PM, Noah Gift <noah.gift at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It's not the only one, there is also doctest and I think the chances of
>> getting a third testing library in the standard library are pretty slim.
> Sounds like a challenge, my money is on Titus, he is a real bear when he
> wants his way, and now he is a member of the PSF :)

Trust me, being a member of the PSF, or even the board, is not going
to help you get a module into the standard library. All it does is
guarantee you get to listen to people argue over how to spend (or not
spend) money.


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