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Carl Trachte ctrachte at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 10:29:38 PDT 2008

On 8/3/08, C. Titus Brown <ctb at msu.edu> wrote:
> -> I know I am not one of the more hard core developers in this
> -> conversation (I am a mining professional), but . .
>  -> Right now, IronPython runs unittest fine.  I work for folks that
>  -> demand use of the dot net framework.  IronPython is as close to that
>  -> as I can get without losing the Pythony goodness we all know and love.
>  ->  Until nose (and coverage tools like figleaf) are available for
>  -> IronPython (correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a major yank to use them
>  -> with that implementation of the language now), unittest is it.
>  -> I'm was never keen on the whole OO or bust philosophy of Java and C#
>  -> myself, but IronPython is written in C#, so folks using that
>  -> implementation of Python *might* (I'm not saying Michael is) be biased
>  -> toward that approach.
>  -> The IronPython tail definitely shouldn't be wagging the CPython dog.
>  -> I guess it's possible to stick with an older version (of unittest) if
>  -> unittest were yanked from Python 2.4 today (I know this is
>  -> impossible).  The code for unittest is still in pure Python.
> Were a new unit testing system added to the stdlib, it would have to be
>  available in or compatible with the Other Pythons, of course.  (nose and
>  py.test are both written in Python, incidentally.)

Titus, sorry - I have to admit my ignorance as to whether nose would
run in IronPython - the IronPython community seems to prefer unittest.
 I will try to mess with nose a bit more (and possibly post to the
IronPython group looking for people that have had success with it).
The coverage tools are still a no-go in IronPython (based on what I've
read - I posted questions to the IronPython list specifically about
To the interpreter . . .

>  ...and I have no objection to unittest remaining in the stdlib.  I don't
>  know that anyone does.
>  -> OK - I've talked myself into a solution:
> -> I'm going to store a gold plated usb stick with the code for unittest
>  -> in a deep underground bunker in an undisclosed location so that I will
>  -> never be without my unittest for IronPython . . . You can try to kill
>  -> it, Dr. Brown, but I will keep it here forever . . . Bwahahahaha . . .
>  -> (scary music)
>  -> Apologies for trolling, lack of experience, exaggerated professional
>  -> pragmatism, and general insanity.
>  -> 2 more cents.
> :)  I'll credit you with one full cent and one half-baked one.
>  --titus

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