[TIP] ANN: NoseGAE 0.1

jason pellerin jpellerin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 14:03:48 PDT 2008

I've just released an experimental plugin for testing Google App
Engine apps in nose, called NoseGAE. You can find it on pypi:


And install it with easy_install:

easy_install NoseGAE

The project home is on google code:


A brief description, from the readme:

NoseGAE is a nose plugin that makes it easier to write functional and
unit tests for Google App Engine applications. The plugin sets up the
GAE development environment before your test run. This means that you
can easily write functional tests for your application without having
to actually start the dev server and test over http. And since the
development environment modules are available to application and test
code during the test run, you can also do things like write unit tests
for your datastore models. The plugin also tries to sandbox your
application code in the same way as the GAE does, with some
limitations, so that your test environment can closely match your
deployment environment.


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