[TIP] Desired features for code coverage?

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon Oct 29 00:38:02 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm finally putting some more work into figleaf,


and in addition to fixing as many of the reported bugs as I can, I'm
adding some new features to figleaf 0.7.

So far I'm planning to revamp the reporting and summary tool, provide more
useful/flexible configuration methods, and integrate the figleaf nose
plugins directly into the project.

I'm also adding an 'include_only' feature.  Right now, figleaf can
exclude coverage recording for files from specific directories, so that
(for example) one can eliminate recording of stdlib files.  I'm adding
the converse feature as well, which will let you record coverage *only*
for files in a particular directory.  I anticipate some pretty big speed
increases for projects that rely on a lot of 3rd party code.

I've still got a somewhat underutilized feature, 'sections', described


Finally, I'm adding a fairly comprehensive test suite so that I can
verify expected behavior of things like command line programs.
Hopefully this will reduce some of the stupidity that popped up in my
earlier releases.

So, my question to you all: what code coverage analysis features are you
interested in?  What does coverage.py or figleaf not currently do for
you that you would like it/them to do?  Now is the time to tell me ;)


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