[TIP] doctest and coverage tools still broken?

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Nov 25 01:20:40 PST 2007

-> My demo of coverage (figleaf in particular do to it's nice html
-> reports) works fine with doctests after patching doctest.py.  However
-> some of the folks running 2.5 had issues with figleaf results.  Do any
-> coverage tools work without the patch in 2.5 (with doctest)?  The
-> source in trunk is still unpatched.... [2]

Matt et al.,

you'll be happy to know that Skip Montanaro just put the necessary patch
into both the maintenance branch of python 2.5 and the latest trunk
(python 2.6).  (I helped only by fixing a minor bug with the tests,
that's why my name's on the checkin.)


So, figleaf and coverage.py should both work properly with doctests now.


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