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The whole TDD finally 'clicked' with me last week at GLSEC. Being a non-developer I had in my mind the notion of a big test which had big code behind it instead of the whole 'only as much code to make it pass' rule which at it's simplistic means object instantiation.
Now I think of TDD as a traffic circle; when you create the initial test, that is you entering the circle. After that, you loop around and around (and around, and around) building out the tests / code until you deem the feature complete at which point you pop out.
I'm not sure if that metaphor helps, but its what clarified it to me.
> Laura Creighton wrote:> > If you have <5 minutes, then just teach them> > _write the test first_> >> > you don't really have time for much more. > > > > +1> > That's the most world changing factor in TDD - and it has little to do > with creating the test and more about how you think about programming!> > Michael> > > my 2 centimes> >> > Laura> >> > > > > _______________________________________________> testing-in-python mailing list> testing-in-python at lists.idyll.org> http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/testing-in-python
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