[TIP] example of Do Fixture in python

Bache, Emily Emily.Bache at astrazeneca.com
Sun May 20 10:51:53 PDT 2007


Thanks for that, it was really helpful to see a real example. I made a couple more modifications to get it to work, since the "Slot" class was not included in the code you sent. I am now going to try to write a test for my code based on it :-)


from fitLib.ListTree import ListTree, Tree, TreeTypeAdapter
from fitLib.DoFixture import DoFixture

class Slot:
    def __init__(self, id_customer):
        self.id_customer = id_customer
    def getIDCustomer(self):
        return self.id_customer

class DoFixtureSample(DoFixture):

        "chargeDollarsAgainstAccount.types":[TreeTypeAdapter, "Integer", "String"],
        "abcCustomer.types":[TreeTypeAdapter, "Integer"],

    def __init__(self, sut=None):
        slot = Slot(id_customer=2)
        Slot._typeDict = {"getIDCustomer.types":[TreeTypeAdapter]}
        DoFixture.__init__(self, sut=slot)
        print "HI"
        self.x = 0

    def chargeDollarsAgainstAccount(self, dollars, account):
        print "dollars", dollars
        print "account", account
        self.x += 1
        print "X", self.x
        return True

    def abcCustomer(self, dollars):
        print "IN CHARGE dollars", dollars
        return "first customer"
> > 
> > Wiki:
> > 
> > !|DoFixtureSample|
> > |note|!-<b>-!Testing 123!-</b>-!|
> > |charge|50|dollars against account|89-64P|
> > |charge|75|dollars against account|abc|
> > |charge|100|dollars against account|def|
> > |check|getIDCustomer|2|
> > |charge|100|dollars against account|def|
> > |check|abc|100|customer|first customer|
> > 

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