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--- "Bache, Emily" <Emily.Bache at astrazeneca.com> wrote:

> If anyone could provide a working example of a DoFixture in python I
> would appreciate it.

Examples courtesy of Karen Mishler. Haven't run the code myself, but it
should give you an indication of the syntax required for a DoFixture.


|note|!-<b>-!Testing 123!-</b>-!|
|charge|50|dollars against account|89-64P|
|charge|75|dollars against account|abc|
|charge|100|dollars against account|def|
|charge|100|dollars against account|def|
|check|abc|100|customer|first customer|

Fixture code is attached (DoFixtureSample.py).

The PyFIT 0.8a1 docs for DoFixture:




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