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On 5/10/07, Daniele Varrazzo <piro at develer.com> wrote:
> Hello bear, and list,

Hi Daniele - thanks for responding.

What do you want to test about the documentation? Do you want to write a
> test
> that programmatically calls epydoc and fails if any of what Epydoc
> considers an
> error is signaled in the log (such as bad reST format, missing link
> target...)?
> In this case Epydoc has an handy facility: you can define your own
> `log.Logger`
> subclass storing any relevant record into its state and register it using
> `log.register_logger()`. After an epydoc run your logger state may tell
> you if
> any error has been found.

Almost exactly what I want to do - I'm not worried about the
log.Loggersetup as my test framework is already capturing all the

The `main()` in the `cli` module [1] gathers the options from the command
> line
> and config file and run the documentation build (line 738). The same
> module
> contains examples of `log.Logger` subclasses, such as the one used to
> generate
> an HTML log page in documentation is built in HTML format (line 1348), and
> their registration (line 687).

I was trying to find some examples that didn't require pushing arguments
onto args[] and then calling the cli.main() routine as I'm already inside of
a program that has already parsed the command line for it's own options.

You may also look for help in the Epydoc mailing list.
> [1]
> http://epydoc.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/epydoc/trunk/epydoc/src/epydoc/cli.py?revision=1585&view=markup

ick, sourceforge mailing lists give me a rash - but I didn't realize the
list was active so I will transfer my question over to it - thanks!


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