[TIP] running nosetests automatically in the background?

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 12:00:25 PDT 2007

[gonna fork this into a new thread]

On 3/22/07, David Primmer <primmer at google.com> wrote:
> There's also nosy http://jeffwinkler.net/2006/04/27/keeping-your-nose-green/
> davep

Hi Dave.

Have you [or has anyone] used nosy much?  I also got interested in
this idea of constantly running tests when someone told me about
zentest/autotest for ruby
(http://www.zenspider.com/ZSS/Products/ZenTest/).  I tried to do
something with a plugin called NoseWatch
(http://code.google.com/p/nose-watch/) but I thought about the problem
way too hard -- tried using import hooks to find files, then a
sys.trace function to log files that were touched.  Ack!  Now it is
slow and I haven't touched it for months.  dead.

Nosy came out around the same time and it's a much simpler concept, I
dig it.  However, the more I thought about all of this I didn't really
like the idea of my tests failing when I already know everything is
broken (seems confusing), so I'm curious if you use it and if it's

What I have going in the nosetty plugin is an "r" command you can type
to re-run the tests, which seems to me something more useful.  I like
it because I can let the traceback dictate what work needs to be done.
 When I think it's solved, I just hit rerun.

But then again I sort of like the idea of how autotest hooks into OS
X's growl and puts a persistent floating window on your screen that is
either green or red!

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