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This is my point. Like Titus says in response to this thread we cannot 
expect the end user to write the spec on her own. However when I write 
the spec with the end user, I wish it can be as domain level as possible 
for her to understand the spec without explanation.

Using a set of "templates", structure of spec would be easier to respect 
and the whole would be filled with less structure sentences. Watching 
again the Google talk about BDD I was wondering how far we could go 
using sentences templates in order to generate most of the test (I do 
not expect to reach 100% test generation from spec except in the most 
trivial cases).

Sentence templates could rely on the "should be, should equal, should 
have, etc." set of operations as well as some form of interactions. Then 
we would have a domain specific language for (a subset of) the 
specification of expectations (I do not like too much the word 

Some people have worked on the generation of tests from semi-formal 
requirement definition (generating test automatas from the 
specification, but it only dealt well with small automatas -- complexity 


Michał Kwiatkowski wrote:

> Just another idea. Raphael mentioned tests syntax for common use for
> developers and end-users. Neat thing would be making a script which
> given the specification on input would generate tests template to fill
> in by developer with code. Kumar's example above is a good
> presentation of this - simply reverse the order of spec and code. ;)
> With this in place end-users could be not merely consumers of
> specifications but contributors as well. It's questionable if the spec
> itself is not too vague - developer given a spec would probably need
> additional information to prepare a good test case. In a way or
> another I think this is idea worth thinking about.
> Cheers,
> mk
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