[TIP] ANN: pinocchio 0.1, extensions for nose unit test framework

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Mar 11 13:00:48 PDT 2007

ANNOUNCING pinocchio v0.1.

pinocchio is a collection of plugins for the 'nose' unit testing framework;
more about that here:


Basic documentation for pinocchio is available at


pinocchio currently contains five plugins:

  * decorator -- allows you to assign tags to tests from a list file;

  * figleafsections -- shows you which tests are executing what code;

  * stopwatch -- lets you pick tests to run based on the last execution time;

  * outputsave -- saves test stdout into individual files, tagged with

  * spec -- generates "specification" output from test class/method names.

This is the first package release of pinocchio.

Note that pinocchio *requires* setuptools to be installed, because that
is how nose plugins work!

You can install pinocchio with easy_install, or download this release at


Documentation is included in the .tar.gz, and you can read the latest
docs online at


pinocchio is available under the MIT license.  It is Copyright (C)
2006, 2007 C. Titus Brown, except for the spec plugin which is
Copyright (C) 2007 Michal Kwiatkowski.


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