[TIP] 'Testing in Zope 3' case study

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Wed Mar 7 09:19:36 PST 2007

No, I'm not working on that, but I was thinking it would be very
interesting if the Zope 3 guys could write such a thing. I bet many
people would learn a lot of new things (I find the discussion of
doctest vs. unittest very enlightening, most of all because of the
contributions from Jim and Benji). 

I also believe this will be good PR/marketing for Zope3 -- which is an
area that Zope could improve on IMO. There's a lot of amazing stuff
happening in the Zope project, but precious few people outside of the
core Zope developers know about them. Maybe that will make some people
stop using the Z word as an expletive.


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