[TIP] Example of python fixture code for ActionFixture

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Tue Mar 6 20:52:22 PST 2007

--- Evelyn Mitchell <efm at linsomniac.com> wrote:
> I was demoing pyFit + Fitnesse to a friend, and realized that I
> didn't 
> have any example code for creating an ActionFixture in python.
> Has anyone got any samples to share?

I tend to use ColumnFixture and RowFixture in my PyFit/Fitnesse tests.
To me, Fitnesse is more suitable for declarative-style testing. But I
know people who have successfully used DoFixture (which is a new style
of fixture that people use instead of ActionFixture) to drive Selenium
RC and twill from within Fitnesse tests. I'll try to get some sample
code from them and publish it here.


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