[TIP] Functional Testing of Desktop Applications

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sun Mar 4 07:30:33 PST 2007

Lawrence Oluyede wrote:
>> Do others on this list do functional testing for desktop applications,
>> and what frameworks do you use ?
> It's not exactly a test framework but an automation tool and I never
> used by myself but I was nicely impressed when I attended the talk
> about pywinauto held by Mark McMahon in last year's EuroPython.
> Maybe it can help you guys automate the testing of user interfaces:
> http://pywinauto.pbwiki.com/

Thanks Lawrence.

For our IronPython project we have built our own test framework (for 
both unit and functional tests) on top of unittest.

I'm looking to create a desktop application of my own (in a few months 
once this book is finally done with) and will *probably* use wxPython.

I'm interested in what other Python programmers are using to 
functionally test desktop applications - particularly wxPython apps 
(although QT is pretty nice and worth considering).

Pywinauto looks very interesting - hmmm... Their demo on the homepage 
looks good.




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