[TIP] nose 0.10-dev will become trunk next week

jason pellerin jpellerin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 09:33:26 PDT 2007

HI all,

Just a quick warning that I expect to promote the 0.10-dev branch of
nose to trunk sometime next week. It's passing all of its tests for
python 2.3-2.5, and while there are no doubt many bugs waiting to be
found, I think it's just about stable enough to be promoted.

Plugin authors who are tracking trunk will be the most impacted by the
changes in 0.10. If you plugin authors have a chance to try your
plugins with the branch, please do, and let me know if and how your
plugins break under the branch so I can try to fix things before it
becomes trunk.

Details of what's new and what's changed are here:




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