[khmer] Next release of khmer will change the API slightly

Michael R. Crusoe mcrusoe at msu.edu
Mon May 18 11:35:05 PDT 2015

Howdy all,

We are adjusting our plans for releases and will be making small changes to
the command line interface over the next month. The next release will be
"2.0" to acknowledge that. It will not be the big Python API cleanup
previously talked about in our roadmap.

If there are small changes you'd like to see in the command line interface
now is a great time to join the conversation at

We also renamed the 'ged-lab' GitHub organization to 'dib-lab'. All
existing links should continue to work fine, please let us know if they


Michael R. Crusoe:  Programmer & Bioinformatician   mcrusoe at msu.edu
 @ the Genomics, Evolution, and Development lab; Michigan State U
https://impactstory.org/MichaelRCrusoe http://twitter.com/biocrusoe
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