[alife] ALIFE-14 - Tutorial on in silico experimental evolution with aevol

Guillaume Beslon guillaume.beslon at inria.fr
Sun Apr 27 14:55:02 PDT 2014

Dear ALifers,

Aevol is a computational platform developed by the Beagle Team in Lyon in
collaboration with Dusan Misevic in Paris. It has been specifically
designed to study the evolution of genome organization under direct and
indirect pressures (robustness, evolvability, ...). See http://www.aevol.fr.

The next ALife conference in New-York (http://blogs.cornell.edu/alife14nyc/)
will host a tutorial on the use of Aevol to perform "in silico experimental
evolution" studies. The topics of the tutorial will include a general
presentation of the model and its use for experimental evolution, labwork
to perform small-scale experiments and a brief introduction to the code
structure for those who would like to adapt the model for a specific usage.

All information are available on ALife and Aevol webpages (
http://www.aevol.fr/alifeTutorial/). Don't hesitate to contact us for
further information.

Best regards,

G. Beslon, C. Knibbe, D. Misevic and D. Parsons
Guillaume Beslon, Professor
IXXI - Institut Rhône-Alpin des Systèmes Complexes (http://www.ixxi.fr)
INRIA - LIRIS - équipe Beagle (http://team.inria.fr/beagle -
INSA-Lyon Computer Science dept. (http://if.insa-lyon.fr)

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