[alife] 2nd CFP: ECAL 2009 Budapest

Kampis kampis at t-online.hu
Wed Apr 1 13:09:22 PDT 2009

> Darwin Meets von Neumann
> International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems
> 13th - 16th September 2009, Budapest, Hungary
> www.ecal2009.org
> # Submissions page open from April 1.
> You are invited to submit papers to the upcoming European Conference on
> Artificial Life. Please forward this call responsibly.
>      Paper and abstract submission
>     April 30
>      Paper and abstract notification
>     May 30
>      Camera ready papers
>     June 15
>      Early /regular/late registration
>     May  15/ June 30 /Aug 15
> Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary enterprise investigating the
> fundamental properties of living systems through simulating and
> synthesizing
> biological entities and processes in artificial media. ECAL, the European
> Conference on Artificial Life, is a biannual meeting complementing the
> mostly US-based "ALife" conference series.
> Over the past two decades, some of the highly speculative ideas that were
> discussed at the field's inception have matured to the extent that new
> conferences and journals devoted to them are being established:
> synthesising
> artificial cells, simulating massive biological networks, exploiting
> biological substrates for computation and control, and deploying
> bio-inspired engineering are now cutting-edge practice. In the same
> period,
> biological knowledge grew at an unprecedented rate, giving rise to entire
> new disciplines, such as systems biology, and witnessed the rapid
> advancement of modelling and quantitative methods throughout the field.
> ECAL209 endeavours to bring together experts of computational and other
> ALife methods with more "conventional" mathematical modellers, reflecting
> on
> the fact that boundaries become rapidly blurred.
> ECAL2009 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in the magnificent historical
> building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
> The ECAL2009 conference provides an opportunity for those working across
> these topics to get together and exchange ideas and results.  To this end,
> the conference will present a selection of the best current work in the
> field, highlight new directions for investigation, and present
> high-profile
> keynote speakers.
> Papers are welcome in all areas of the field, including:
>  a.. Synthesis and origin of life, self-organization, self-replication,
> artificial chemistries
>  b.. Evolution and adaptation, evolutionary dynamics, evolutionary games,
> co-evolution, major evolutionary transitions, levels of selection,
> ecosystems
>  c.. Development, differentiation, and regulation; generative
> representations
>  d.. Synthetic biology, wet artificial life
>  e.. Self-organizing technology, self-* computing and computational
> ecosystems
>  f.. Unconventional and biologically inspired computing
>  g.. Bio-inspired robots and embodied cognition, autonomous agents,
> evolutionary robotics
>  h.. Collective behavior, communication, cooperation
>  i.. Artificial consciousness; the relationship between life and mind
>  j.. Philosophical, ethical, and cultural implications
>  k.. Mathematical and philosophical foundations of Alife, new and creative
> syntheses
> All authors are encouraged to explain how their work sheds light on the
> fundamental properties of living systems and makes progress on the
> important
> open questions identified at previous meetings.
> There are two options for submission: either full paper format or abstract
> format.  Full papers have an 8 page maximum length, while abstracts are
> limited to 500 words.  Every submission will be subject to full peer
> review.
> All accepted submissions will be allocated an oral presentation slot with
> no
> distinction being made between the two submission formats.  All formatting
> guidelines (including word and latex style files) and submission
> instructions will be available on the conference submission page by March
> 30.
> Please see the submissions page at www.ecal2009.org and the *new*
> description on publications!
> George Kampis, Eors Szathmary (chairs), Chrisantha Fernando, M?rk
> Jelasity,
> Ferenc Jord?n, Andr?s L?rincz, Istvan Scheuring
> For further information about the conference program, travel,
> accommodation,
> and local arrangements, please see the rest of this website,
> www.ecal2009.org , after April 15. For questions about the submission and
> reviewing process, please email submissions at ecal2009.org .  For all other
> questions, contact questions at ecal2009.org.

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